Inspired by nature. Designed in Brooklyn.

Split Root Studio specializes in unconventional floral arrangements for events and stagings. Our designs are all about movement, texture, and the innate beauty of nature.

Founded in 2017 by Sara Houchins, Split Root Studio operates in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

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Q&A with founder Sara Houchins

How did you come up with the name Split Root Studio?

A while before I started Split Root Studio, I went to a plant swap and I fell in love with this one plant, called Bolivian Wandering Jew (Callisia Repens). Another woman ended up with it, but she broke off a small piece to share with me. That little cutting has become a thriving, beautiful plant on its own. I love that plants can work like that, and that’s what inspired the name. Split Root is how I view my designs—they are a piece of something that brings me so much joy, and I’m sharing that with my clients.

What inspires you?

The plants themselves!  I go to the flower district on 28th Street every Saturday morning, walk down each row, and just kind of see what seems most interesting or expressive that day.  I’m not trying to make the flowers into a preconceived design.  I'm just enhancing their natural beauty through intuition and balance. 

Do you have a favorite flower?

Picking a favorite is next to impossible, but if I had to name one of the most inspiring flowers it would have to be the hellebore.  The hellebore is unique for many reasons, but my favorite thing about the hellebore is it's magnificent face.  There are over 20 species and they all have a unique pattern and shape.  The patterns on many hellebores remind me of the iris of an eye.  Each one of us have our own pattern and color similar to the hellebore.  Which is pretty magnificent if you ask me!  

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